CaBrit Psychotherapy Services

  • Services Provided On Site or via Telehealth/Videoconference

    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy provides a setting for people to explore their life's challenges in a safe, professional and confidential environment without being judged. Whether you experience social, emotional or relational distress, individual therapy can increase your understanding of the contributing factors, and as a result create opportunities for change

    Marital/Premarital Therapy

    As a Prepare/Enrich facilitator you can be sure that the issues you bring into the therapy room will be explored without judgement. In addition, you will be provided with many tools to utilize beyond the therapeutic experience, as you continue to grow and strengthen your relationship

    Family Therapy

    Family Therapy is an interactional  process in which the therapist engages family members in therapeutic conversations, to assist those members with understanding their role in contributing to, or perpetuating conflict within the family system. This level of understanding is the first step towards effecting change

    Intern Supervision

    Internship supervision is an integral part of your professional journey, which will ostensibly shape you as a clinician in the field of mental health professionals. Be sure that you make the decision to choose a supervisor who will contribute positively to your journey, as the road is a "long and winding road!"

    Workshops & Presentations

    Dr. Atkinson's expertise in ADHD, premarital and marital therapy has provided many groups and individuals in the USA and abroad with increased knowledge and understanding of ADHD and related issues, as well as problems leading to, and helping to solve marital discord

    Childhood Assessments

    The ASEBA (Achenbach System for Empirically Based Assessments) tool provides parents, teachers and young people with a clear, visual illustration (and narrative) of the domains in a child's life that requires clinical interventions. Parents and teachers are helped to recognize and manage maladaptive behaviors identified from assessment outcomes