Intern Supervision

Graduated and Ready for License Hours?

Are you ready to become a Registered Intern, or registered and looking for a new/different supervisor? Call me to discuss your needs for license supervision. Whether you have a preference for group or individual supervision, Dr. Atkinson's flexibility aims to accommodate the busy schedules of mental health professionals. 


Registered Interns of Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling provide a valuable contribution to the field of mental health professionals. Your status as a licensed professional, anchored in the principles of laws and ethics, increases that value. 

Why Choose Dr. Atkinson?

Licensed and qualified to supervise in Florida, Dr. Atkinson recognizes how your status as an LMFT and LMHC contributes to your professional development. As such, she understands how licensure underscores your commitment to your profession, increasing possibilities, resulting in high standards of client care and improved marketability. Dr. Atkinson's stance, informed through the lens of integrating family therapy models, with international experience as an educator and clinician (UK and USA), will provide you with a rich experience in health care toward your status as a licensed professional.